80. -0.2344 x = 2028. 732

Accepted Solution

Answer:-8655 = xStep-by-step explanation:Here is a method I call I move, you move, raise the roof, meaning that whenever our divisor is a decimal, we need to move the decimal point a quantity of times to make it a whole number, then the quantity of times we have moved the decimal point in the divisor, goes for the dividend as well, and the rest of the empty spaces are zeros as placeholders. So, if you had a difficult time dividing like this, do this:20287320 Γ· -2344 ↑ ↑ Dividend DivisorIt is much easier to divide now, and of course we all know how to determine if our answers will be negative or positive, so that should be a piece of cake. In the dividend, as mentioned before, in the ones place, there is a zero as a placeholder.**The quantity of times you move the decimal point in the divisor, is quantity of times you move the decimal point in the dividend.If you are ever in need of assistance, do not hesitate to let me know by subscribing to my You-Tube channel [USERNAME: MATHEMATICS WIZARD], and as always, I am joyous to assist anyone at any time.