2. Linda bought a washer and dryer from Millpage Laundry Supplies for y dollars. She signed aninstallment agreement requiring a 15% down payment and monthly payments of x dollars for oneyear.a. Express her down payment algebraically.b. How many monthly payments must Linda make?c. Express the total amount of the monthly payments algebraically.d. If Linda models her payment plan as an arithmetic sequence, give the first term aand the common ratio de. Express the total amount Linda pays for the washer and dryer on the installment planalgebraically.f. Express the finance charge algebraically.

Accepted Solution

Answer:a. 0.15yb. 12 monthsc. 12xd. a1 = 0.15y, d = xe. 12x + 0.15yf. (12x + 0.15y) - y = 12x - 0.85yStep-by-step explanation:If y = cost of washer and dryer x = cost for one month.Down payment = 0.15yNumbers of months = 12monthsAmount of monthly payment = 12xFirst term and common ratio = a1 = 0.15y and d = xTotal amount for washer and dryer 12x + 0.15yFinance charge(12x + 0.15y) - y12x - 0.85y