You need at least $535 to go on a trip to California. You have already save $200. You decide to save an additional $25 per week. Which inequality shows the number of weeks, w, you need to save to be able to go on the trip?

Accepted Solution

Answer:[tex]25w+200\geq 535[/tex]Step-by-step explanation:Let's call [tex]w[/tex] the number of weeks.Notice that the problem says "at least $535" this means the minimum is $535 or more, so we have to use the symbol [tex]\geq[/tex].Also, you are gonna save $25 per week, which means this is the ratio of change, the coefficient of the variable.Additionally, you already have $200, so that's the constant of the expression.Therefore, the expression that models this situation is[tex]25w+200\geq 535[/tex]We can solve for [tex]w[/tex] to find the minimum number of weeks you need to save[tex]25w+200\geq 535\\25w \geq 535-200\\w\geq \frac{335}{25}\\ w\geq 13.4[/tex]So, you need to save for at least 14 weeks.