Q-01Professor Grant thought the presentation was-----unacceptable.a completelyb completec completingd completedAnswer:Q-02The principal wants to have a meeting-------Billy's behavior.a becauseb exceptc aboutd forAnswer:Q-03When-------the good news?a will Sherrie shareb Sherrie will sharec will share Sherried share will SherrieAnswer:Q-04Did you remember-----the oven when you finished?a turning offb to turn offc on turning offd turn offAnswer:Q-05Every minute of the play was----------a memorablyb memoryc memorizingd memorableAnswer:Q-06Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly?a Their slogan says, "The best barbecue in town."b Their slogan says "The best barbecue in town."c Their slogan says: "The best barbecue in town."d Their slogan says. "The best barbecue in town."Answer:Q-07------almost time for us to leave.a Itsb Its'c It's'd It'sAnswer:Q-08I don't want to go in; there's a massiive----------a cueb queuec clued chainAnswer:Q-09The security guard stopped the thief------stealing two sweaters.a fromb ofc ind withAnswer:Q-10-----Mr. Smith-----Ms. Brown could chaperone the dance.a Whether, orb Neither, norc Rather, thand Not only, butAnswer:

Accepted Solution

Answer:1. A2. C3. A4.B5.C6.A7. D8. B9. A10. B ALL DONE MAY IT HELP YOU:-)