HELP ME PLEASE Hank the hiker would like to go on a hike. He only has four hours available today for the hike. The expression1/2d + 1/2e is used as a general guide to determine how much time, in hours, a hiker should allow for hiking a trail with a distance of d miles and an elevation gain of e thousand feet. The trail Hank would like to hike is 6 miles long and has an elevation gain of 3000 ft. Will Hank be able to complete this hike in the block of time he has available today?

Accepted Solution

Answer:No.Step-by-step explanation:Amount of time that Hank has today for hike = 4 hoursLengtht of hike trail = 6 milesElevation gain of trail = 3000 feetThe expression Hanks use as a general guide is:[tex]\frac{1}{2}d+\frac{1}{2}e[/tex]Here,d is the distance in miles, so for given case d = 6e is the elevation gain in thousands, so for given case e = 3Using these values, the approximate time Hank would need for the hike comes out to be:[tex]\frac{1}{2}(6)+\frac{1}{2}(3)= 4.5[/tex]Thus, Hank would need 4.5 hours to complete the hike. Since, he has only 4 hours available today he wont be able to complete the hike.